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The tutorial sessions will take place as needed. The need can arise from
my side or from the students' side. So, the tutorials will be arranged
and announced ahead of time. They would take place on:
Fri 9:30am-10:20am in E2 1303E.

  • There is a tutorial scheduled for Friday Oct 10th.
    Tutorial Outline:
    - General notes on answering questions (with comments on assignments)
    - Applying algorithms we study on a given instance (examples in textbook exercises).
    - Problems Solved:
    Q. 3 in Exercises 4.1 with extension to a fast exponentiation algorithm,
    Q. 2 in Exercises 4.5,
    Q. 10 in Exercises 8.2.

  • There is a tutorial scheduled for Friday Nov 28th.
    Tutorial Outline:
    - Question 10 in Exercise 11.3
    - Q 2(a) in assignment 5 (Diverse Subset).
    - Clustering Problem: maximum-separation formulation (polynomially-solvable via minium spanning tree)